Welcome to Otter Creek Brittanys!



We currently have 2 litters available. Both of these litters will have dogs with a high level of bird finding ability and will meet your needs whether it be field trial, hunting or companion dog.

You can buy Brittanys from a number of breeders throughout the country but you will find no program that pays more attention to detail. Our previous customers will attest to this claim.

Whether you purchase a pup for a companion, hunting, or a field trial dog...whether they live in a kennel or in the house...they become part of the family. If you get a bad one, what do you do? Make your selection carefully.

For more information on these exceptional litters, go to “Litters Whelped”.

To see daily videos of each litter, "subscribe" to our channel on You Tube!

For more testimonials, check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ottercreekbrittanys/

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