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She’s No Mystery Chick x Jakes Hammering Rebel

In the past, this cross has been very popular. “Lippy” (Jakes Hammering Rebel) and “Chick” (She’s No Mystery Chick) represent the very best of bloodlines for the Brittany breed. This pedigree is loaded with champions. The pups are very attractive and have high prey drive producing top field trial and hunting dogs.

These pups are known for their athletic ability, tenacity and endurance. The past litters have proven to be high level family dogs and hunting partners.

This litter whelped on 23 June and will be ready to go home 11 August 2018. See Litters Whelped.

High Rolling Ruby x Otter Creek Jesse

A rare opportunity! Pups from this litter are a cinch to win at whatever discipline you choose! Whether it be field trialing, hunting, agility or bench.

“Ruby’s” (High Rolling Ruby) previous litters have exceeded the owners’ expectations without exception. The interest in this litter from previous owners assures that these pups will be placed early.

The pedigree will knock your socks off! You’ll find none better! “Ruby”, a NSTRA Amateur Champion herself, is a daughter of DC/GCH Masked Jack of Diamonds (2011 Magnum's Masked Man Award Winner). The sire, “Jesse” (Otter Creek Jesse), is littermate to “Watson” (TJs Micro Tequila Watson), 2014 Trial of Champions Winner and Dog of the Year, the most celebrated Brittany in recent years.

This litter whelped on 27 June and will be ready to go home 15 August 2018. See Litters Whelped.

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